Appreciating Nature Through Land Snorkelling At American Prairie Reserve

The American Prairie Reserve President, Sean Gerrity, is leading a group of scientists, artists, supporters, and historians on an 11 day “land snorkel” across the organisation’s 25th land purchase, the iconic PN Ranch. Traveling on foot, by canoe, and on his bike, Sean will land snorkel his way through the Montana prairie and along the Missouri River until September 13th.

Coined by artists Clyde Aspevig, a long-time Reserve board member, and Carol Guzman, who serves on the National Council,  “land snorkelling” describes the act of moving slowly and undirected through the terrestrial world. It provides an opportunity for people to really get to know a place, by savouring aspects of nature that people ordinarily don’t see or pay attention to.


The 50,000-acre PN Ranch not only offers critical habitat for wildlife, it also has been the setting for an enormous and varied amount of human history. It has been the epicentre of tribal life, a thoroughfare for westward expansion, a military hub, and the historic heart of a ranching era. For a virtual snorkel, Sean will be sharing his observations and locations on Twitter @landsnorkelsean for the next two weeks.


But why not experience land snorkelling for yourself on the American Prairie Reserve? The Reserve is the perfect place to practice land snorkelling, whether you’re exploring the area around camp or walking cross-country toward the horizon. The prairie’s many hidden treasures are all within reach.

A remote and rugged destination, a trip to American Prairie Reserve is similar to a visit to a wildlife refuge. Visitors can go on game trails with many inspiring views and opportunities to see wildlife, wildflowers, and other natural treasures. Land snorkelling is one way to observe and appreciate the vastness of the prairie. By taking the time to be curious, people of all ages can wander through nature using their imaginations and honing observation skills. Learn how here.


American Prairie Reserve is spearheading a unique effort to create the largest nature reserve in the continental United States by linking together critical habitat on the legendary plains of north-eastern Montana. At more than 300,000 acres and growing, the American Prairie Reserve is quickly becoming a destination where visitors, naturalists, history buffs and animal lovers can experience the vast landscape, while camping at one of four campgrounds or staying at the world-class, yurt based Kestrel Camp.

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