Basecamp Oulanka


Basecamp Oulanka is an award-winning arctic adventure destination located in the heart of Oulanka National Park in Finland. This stunning lodge overlooks the Juuma lake and backs onto Oulanka National Park: a remote, wonderful, unspoilt wilderness location. With no light pollution to spoil the sky, Basecamp Oulanka is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis.


Basecamp Oulanka is a “positive footprint destination”, founded for conservation and wildlife experience purposes. Home to the Siberian taiga, filled with Siberian jay, black grouse, golden eagles, bears and wolverines, overlooking Juuma lake and backing onto Oulanka National Park, Basecamp Oulanka is continually making efforts to achieve their goal of preserving natural heritage and improving their guest experience.


In the local Arctic conditions, sustainable and responsible operations can be difficult to attain. Therefore, their sustainable journey is built on careful planning, slow building and gentle operating methods.

The 4Cs

Basecamp Oulanka joined The Long Run in 2015 and committed to a holistic balance of the 4Cs – Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce – as a means to contribute meaningfully to the biodiversity and the people of their local region.



Basecamp Oulanka is a “positive footprint destination”, founded for conservation and wildlife experience purposes. The heating system used throughout the complex relies totally on nature using special wood pellets for fuel. Even the hot tub is run from an ingenious system that uses the excess heat generated from the sauna. When it comes to day to day life at Basecamp a very important feature is that man-power is always used over motors to minimise the carbon emissions. Basecamp also use electric outboard engines for rafting boats resulting in zero fuel consumption. Oulanka National Park is part of the PAN Parks network, a Europe wide organisation, founded by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), that promotes tourism as a tool for wilderness and nature conservation. 


Basecamp Oulanka is situated in a rural area near a village called Juuma. When Basecamp Oulanka began operations, the village was underpopulated and one of the main objectives of creating Basecamp Oulanka was to bring jobs and life back to the local village. All of the guides who work at Basecamp work all year round and are from the local area. Basecamp Oulanka opened access to Oulanka National Park for local communities through creation of a road enabling locals and tourists easier access to famous local attractions. 8000 visitors to the Park benefit from no fee toilets at Basecamp Oulanka. Basecamp Oulanka and its guests donate to local investments in the National Park. The total amount to date is over 60,000 euros.


Working closely with the local community Basecamp is extremely proud to promote the local traditions, from courses on the traditional Lappish drum to quinzee building and optional visits to local reindeer farms during the winter season. They preserve the local Sami culture through artefacts with traditional Sami symbols. All of the tableware is handmade in Finland and all of the food is locally sourced. By serving the local food on their own ceramic tableware, they want all their guests to feel at one with the natural world around. 


With the construction of the road there is now a bus route making the once hibernating area accessible to local communities and tourists. In particular, this once hibernating area is now accessible to nature lovers during the winter months. In support of other local businesses, only local products are sold in the camp: meat, fish, berries, woollen socks and lappish drums made of reindeer skin. Currently, only a portion of income comes from visitors; in the future Basecamp Oulanka aims to be fully financially sustainable from guests’ stays. All income is used to benefit the development of the camp, the national park and invest locally.



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