International Dancers, Choreographers, And Visual Artists Come Together This Fall At The WANÅS Foundation

The Long Run GER® Wanås Foundation will continue its exploration of live art in the fall of 2016, as it has done for the last two years.


Wanås’ commitment to live art began in 2014 with the exhibition Dance Me, where sculpture and dance were united through an exploration of participation, choreography, and movement. Last year Wanås’ performance history was in focus with the presentation Past Performance.


This fall, the Wanås Foundation will bring together artists Dinis Machado, Anna Pehrsson, Zoë Poluch, Helena Olsson and Rachel Tess to continue the  exploration of live art under newly appointed Associate Curator Dance Tess.


An American choreographer and dancer from Portland, Oregon, Tess is a member of ÖSKG and the founder and director of Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Skåne, Sweden, a platform and residence for artistic research within multi-disciplinary performance mediums. Tess will perform Scratch, an ongoing collaboration with photographer and dancer Luis Alberto Rodriguez, and sound and lighting designer Uli Ruchlinski. Using photography as a starting point, the artists create a series of photographs that address a wide variety of contexts through everyday objects repurposed in specific locations using Tess as the subject.

Dinis Machado will perform Paradigm, “a DIY folklore for bodies with blurry identities through the invention of alternative fictional artefacts, narratives, dances, rituals and music.”


Helena Olsson will lead a guided performance tour of the sculpture park, called the Touch Tour, in which she will take the audience through the collection in the sculpture park by touching the artworks.


In her solo dance EXAMPLE, Zoë Poluch investigates whether it is possible to create timeless dance.


Anna Pehrsson will begin her performance with the body as a projection surface for the ideas that form the age in which we live. She surfs on the energy and approaches an intimacy based on friction and instability rather than the safe and familiar.


For dates and timings and to make a booking, visit the The Wanås Foundation webpage


Wanås is a place where art, nature and history meet. It consists of a medieval castle, an organic farm, a scenic sculpture park and an art gallery in southern Sweden.


Since 1987 contemporary site-specific art by international artists has been produced at Wanås. Today the sculpture park holds more than 60 permanent works, created specifically for Wanås Konst by artists such as Ann Hamilton, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono and Ann-Sofi Sidén et al. Every year thousands of children take part in educational activities at the foundation.

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