Kenya Conservation Safari – March 2017 at Borana Conservancy

For the first time ever, the famous Lewa Borana Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya is inviting guests to actively participate in their invaluable wildlife conservation efforts. For one week commencing from the 2nd of March to the 9th of March 2017, guests can be part of the ranger team helping to track, locate and count game species for the annual Big 5 wildlife census – the most important conservation tool in measuring the success of their unending projects. Guests can also take part in several other conservation activities during their safari as well as enjoying the luxuries of three fantastic and high-end African safari lodges, including Long Run fellow member Borana Conservancy. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness and partake in the behind the scenes action and make a difference while on safari.


Conservation Activities at the Borana Lodge will take place between the 6th – 8th of March.


Guests will have the unique chance to participate in the annual Borana Game census. By joining Borana’s chief conservation officer on his ranger deployments and gathering of intelligence reports. This great opportunity to follow the work of the chief conservation officer, allows visitors to monitor and track rhino as well as lions with telemetry receivers. There is even tracking of lions using the whisker spot ID method. Guest can even head out with one of the scouts on foot to tack and ID rhino using the ear notch diagrams, mountain bike along the boundary fence lines checking voltages and to see if there are any damages to it. They can also attend a lecture by Michael Dyer (MD of the Borana Conservancy) visit the Perma Culture farm and well hung butchery with Jack Llewellyn Dyer.

The itinerary for the Kenya Conservation Safari looks like this.


Dates: 2nd – 9th March 2017

  • 2nd March: Itinerary begins.
  • 2nd March: Stay 1 night at The Emakoko, Nairobi
  • 3rd March: Fly to Lewa from Nairobi Wilson Airport
  • 3-5th March: Stay three nights at Lewa Wilderness
  • 6th March: Transfer via road from Lewa Wilderness to Borana Lodge
  • 6-8thMarch: Stay three nights at Borana Lodge
  • 9th March: Fly to Nairobi Wilson Airport. Enjoy a day room at The Emakoko.
  • 9th March: Itinerary ends here. Please arrange for a night flight home or other onward travel.


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