Lapa Rios Supports A Sustainable Water Tower Installation At La Palma School

Working with the non-profit Earth Equilibrium, the Ecolodge has supported the setting up of the water tower, which will be used to collect rainwater, and a water pump running on solar panels to distribute the water throughout the schools bathrooms and Janitor area.

Completed after two months of work, the project’s  purpose is to reduce the amount of potable water that is used in this school and secure enough water for the school to work properly.


Rain collected from the school dining building goes into a subterranean tank that can hold an approximate of 5000 liters.

A submersible pump installed inside the tank pumps the water twice a day from ground-level up to the 2100 liter tank on the tower. This pump is powered by two solar panels that are installed on top of the water tower making this system 100% auto-sufficient.


The rainwater is used to supply all the school bathrooms and janitor areas. Apart from this, a smaller tank for portable water was installed on the tower to secure enough drinking water for the children, since the community does not have a steady water supply and the school dining often had to work with a minimal amount of water – a problem that has been solved now.


The installation cost an approximate $12,000, which Earth Equilibrium collected through guest and the lodge’s donations. Apart from a well functioning water system, this donation is the equivalent of savings of up to 766,5 cubic metres of potable water a year, which in turn will save the school an annual amount of around $1500.


Earth Equilibrium is the non-profit partner the Ecolodge works with to support community projects such as building classrooms, dining rooms, playgrounds, and putting up water installations and solar panels at schools.


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