Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch’ September “Ultimate Cowboy Adventure”

Linden Tree has become synonymous with premier horseback riding in the wilderness of the Velebit mountains in Croatia.


The Long Run Fellow Member, Linden Tree Retreat and Ranch, Croatia will hold its “Ultimate Cowboy Adventure” once more in September.


Linden Tree has become synonymous with premier horseback riding in the wilderness of the Velebit mountains. Its “Ultimate Cowboy Adventure” is a carefully tailored 9-day program, that takes riders through  the foothills and to the top of the mountain, in a ride that is full of natural beauty, history, and culture. The rides are for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced riders: all one has to do is sign up and leave the rest to the capable hands of an experienced team.


“You will come as a city-slicker and leave as true and tried cowboy and cowgirl,” is the promise the team makes.

Guests have the opportunity to stay in a real Sioux tipi or cozy chalet, ride in pristine nature, drink local whiskey and beer and taste organic cuisine featuring homemade breads, wild grown edibles, and free range meats, while experiencing frontier life.


Upon arrival, guests receive safety briefing and introductions to Linden’s horsemanship and riding style, meet the horses, and, weather permitting, explore the ranch and the valley.


The second day is natural horsemanship day: guest will learn the silent language of horses, joining with horses, self-confidence, communication, saddling and riding, body language. Wranglers give an introductory lesson and take guests on a 2-hour trail ride in the afternoon, and show and explain the history and function of the horse gear.


On the third day, guests go on a 7-8 ride up the mountain, through the valleys and canyons, retracing an old trade routes used by merchants and caravan robbers alike. There are high chance of spotting bear, deer, or wolf on this day. In the evening, camping is set up.


On the fourth day, riding continues, going deeper in the mountain, crossing hidden springs and watercourses. This is an intensive ride, covering some rough terrain, often going through unmarked territory. There’s an overnight stay in the camp.


The goal for the fifth day is to reach top of the mountain where breathtaking views of the islands await.


The riding on the 6th day takes guests to bear breeding grounds inside the National Park area. This is the furthest they will reach into the mountain before turning back to the ranch.


On the 7th day, guests will start a two-day trip that will take them to one of the earlier camping spots. The last day of full day riding on day 8 will bring guests back to the comfort of the ranch, where they will have dinner and a farewell party, and depart in the following day.


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Linden Tree is a partner of “Rewilding Europe” an initiative of WWF-Netherlands, the ARK Foundation, Wild Wonders of Europe and Conservation Capital, that aims to re-wild 1 million hectares of the European landscape across 10 different multi-national sites by 2020, making Europe a more natural place, with more space for wildlife, wilderness and ecological processes. Bestselling and award-winning publishers of travel guides, DK Travel recently named Linden as one of the “Top 10 luxury camp sites in Europe”. 

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