What Olivia Did Blogger Helps To Promote Sasaab

Blogger Olivia, “What Olivia Did” was invited to The Safari Collection properties, which includes The Long Run Fellow Member, Sasaab. She vividly documented her incredible experiences on her blog.

“It was amazing to see how they support one another and learn about how they aim to provide unforgettable safari experiences whilst providing opportunities to the local people too,” Olivia says of the camps implementation of the 4Cs.


Describing her experience of the wildlife rich Sasaab she says, “after touching down on the airstrip after a short flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi- I’m pretty sure it was one of my greatest ‘pinch-me’ moments spotting a giraffe peeking out from the trees on our game drive back to camp.”


“We continued to spot everything from a lion with its kill, some mischievous baboons and a small herd of elephants alongside the river. It was truly unforgettable seeing everything in the wild for the first time… ”


You can read her entries here 


Follow this link to see what’s on offer at Sasaab 

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