2023 Impact Report: Out Now!

We’re delighted to release our inaugural Impact Report showcasing stories, learnings, and data across the 4Cs of Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce.

The Long Run is the largest global collection of nature-based tourism businesses, committed to driving positive impact in the 4Cs of Conservation (climate, environmental management, and the protection and regeneration of nature); Community (internal and external, direct and indirect stakeholders); Culture (including contemporary, living heritage, and indigenous); and Commerce (long-term impact is only possible when financially sustainable and resilient). 

In 2023, our 65 members:


Directly protected and regenerated over 1.2 million acres of ecosystems from mangroves in Indonesia to the world’s largest wetland in Brazil. 

Influenced and supported the protection and regeneration of over 21.7 million acres of ecosystems.

87% eliminated single-use plastic or will within five years. 

57% have a climate action plan in place. 


Improved the lives of over 130,000 people

64% of employees are from the nearest communities, and for some of our members, this number is as high as 90%.

97% of members have an employee dedicated to positive impact across Conservation, Community, and Culture. 


Celebrated and supported over 100 cultures and ethnic groups. 

66% actively protected cultural knowledge, sites, or activities. 

68% promoted cultural exchange between custodians and visitors.


Invested US$13,300,000 in Conservation, Community, and Culture projects. 

67% collected a sustainability or conservation levy from clients. 

68% of members have a succession or progression plan to maintain 4C activity in the long run (50-100 years). 

Read more about our 4C framework, impact, and the member stories that bring the 4Cs to life, from creating a resilient desert-based economy in Namibia to establishing a Cultural Rescue Committee in Costa Rica.

Have a read and let us know what you think: The Long Run’s Impact Report