The 4Cs In Action: Good Sleep, Sharp Minds

At The Long Run, we help members to embed sustainability into business operations via the 4C framework. The 4Cs were coined a decade ago when Jochen Zeitz, founder of Segera lodge in Kenya, was looking for a blueprint to protect ecosystems in perpetuity. Together with a global spread of likeminded lodges, they realised that a balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce is needed to ensure that protecting landscapes and wildlife has a genuinely positive impact on surrounding people and places, and is financially sustainable.


Today, the 4Cs is a guiding concept and continuous journey for all Long Run members. It’s also the framework behind the rigorous Global Ecosphere Retreat standard (recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council). The framework is reviewed, externally assessed, and adapted regularly to ensure that it represents the highest standards in sustainability.


In this new blog series, we celebrate The 4Cs In Action around the world. Today, we head over to Sasaab in Kenya where Cecilia Mueni, Assistant Footprint Director, tells us about a new project to ensure local school children get the sleep they need to learn.

The new girls dormitory thanks to donated mattresses from Sasaab, part of The Safari Collection. The education of girls is a fundamental part of The Long Run's 4C mission. Photo: Sasaab.

“Sasaab recently donated 40 mattresses to Ngutuk Ongiron Primary School in Samburu East. As a key partner to the school, we understand the important role that the schools’ boarding facilities play in reducing the amount of time a student walks to get to school.  Many of the students previously walked long distances to school each day, some as far as 30km confronting dangers of wildlife and taking up much time that could have been used to do homework.


At Ngutuk school, boarders outperform their day counterparts. In this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, all the top performers were boys who were boarding at the school. The school was first position in Samburu East in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, and second position in the entire Samburu County.  The school headteacher, Mr. Budha, attributes the lack of enrollment of girls in the boarding section to the poor quality of boarding infrastructure including the mattresses.


The donation by Sasaab led to the opening of a new girl’s dormitory and 15 girls have been enrolled to the boarding section. Sasaab is also keen on providing lighting for the dormitory for night study. Mr. Budha is happy about this contribution, knowing that his school will perform even better. The girls are now given an equal opportunity to the boys.


To cultivate a reading culture in the school, Sasaab also launched a library in the school in partnership with Start a Library (SAL). Ten teachers were trained on library management and how to conduct exciting reading activities and incorporate storybooks in teaching other subjects. The training showcased the role of storybooks in teaching language and emphasised the values of having a vibrant library in nurturing a reading culture in the school and contributing improved literacy levels.


The school also nominated two learners; a boy and a girl from each class (Grade 4 to Class 7) who will serve as the Junior Reading Ambassadors (JRAs), to support the teachers in running the library. The JRA training focused on book handling, record keeping and creating of bookmarks to aid in monitoring of their library lessons. The general cleaning and physical organization of the library space was also emphasised as part of the JRA’s responsibilities.


SASAAB Lodge challenged the pupils to read a minimum of two books every week. They emphasised the role reading plays in improving academic performance. It provides a different perspective and voice other than that of the teachers, which the pupils are used to.”

Community improvement and cultural sensitivity is core to Sasaab's ethos and operations. Photo: Sasaab.

Sasaab, as a Fellow Member of The Long Run, strives to create a positive impact for people and planet. To find out more about its 4C commitment, visit 

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