4Cs Tips For The Sustainable Traveller

As a traveller, the choices you make can help our members’ sustainable destinations, while providing you with meaningful and memorable travel connections with nature, people and cultures.

We believe that nature-based tourism businesses can interact harmoniously with the environment, people and cultures around us.  It is our way of creating the sustainable future we all believe in. That’s why we created  a simple, straight forward philosophy to guide our members’ operations: the 4Cs, standing for #conservation #community #culture #commerce.


Infused with passion and a positive outlook for the future, our member destinations carry out the 4Cs in a balanced and holistic manner.


As a traveller, the choices you make can help our members’ sustainable destinations, while providing you with meaningful and memorable travel  connections with nature, people and cultures.


Here are some of the ways you can help us make the world a better place, for the long run.


Choose to travel to our destinations to support the #conservation  of endangered and endemic species and our members’ commitment to minimise their carbon footprint through sustainable energy, water, waste, and carbon reduction, amongst others.


For example, members Wilderness Safaris Camps Toka Leya (Zambia), Duma Tau and Mombo (both Botswana) are involved in many research projects, including Okavango lions, and red-spotted hyenas. The The Huilo Huilo Foundation (Chile) successfully reintroduced and breeds Huemul (Andean deer). Caiman Ecological Refuge (Brazil), is involved in Jaguar research and habituation. Vamizi Island (Mozambique) studies corals and whales, conducts turtle patrols and hatchling releases, and shark tagging.


Your trip will undoubtedly be enhanced by by the knowledge that your visit helps conserve the endangered and endemic species you see.

Support local #commerce by buying tourist products made by member-supported community enterprises.  The Island Foundation founded by Nikoi (Indonesia), for example,  has engaged the local indigenous Orang SukuLaut villagers in using their adept skills of weaving fishing net to make jewellery that has attracted Swarovski’s interest, while the SATUBO women’s group supported by Segera Retreat (Kenya) makes beaded items sold locally and internationally.


Go on community-led excursions and hire community guides for tours such as at Pacuare Lodge (Costa Rica) where the lodge and local staff have joint ventures including Horseback, Canyoning, and Kayaking  tours.


Visit #community projects by our members or donate to members  causes. Our members support sustainable development in education, health, sports and local skills advancement.


For example, the school feeding programmes by Sasaab (Kenya), Cottar’s 1920s Camp (Kenya) and Vamizi Island (Mozambique) increases school retention rates, including of girls.  Sasaab (Kenya), Segera Retreat’s (Kenya) and Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in South Africa are involved in sports for development.


Lapa Rios (Costa Rica) is improving Mother and infant well-being in communities around the destination – in 2015, their Lapathon raised $5,000 dollars to buy a fetal monitor to increase women’s access to check ups. Borana’s mobile health clinic helps service remote communities.


Participate in #cultural activities such as music and dance festivals and food fairs. It is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in local culture and meet local people.


For example Lapa Rios (Costa Rica), Kicheche (Kenya) and Vamizi Island (Mozambique) continuously involve guests and staff in regular nights of cultural music and dance. Others celebrate special occasions, such as Italy’s Labour Day, Primo Maggio, at Spannocchia (Italy); Chile’s National Day at EcoCamp Patagonia (Chile); Traditional Wedding Ceremonies at Kicheche (Kenya) and Sasaab (Kenya);  and the Annual Christmas Concert at Grootbos (South Africa).


To learn more about our sustainable destinations, read our members profiles on our website and the  4C activities they undertake.

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