Long Run Members Launch Collaborative Magazine

The Long Run encourages collaboration at a global, regional, and local level and we’re delighted to share the most recent fruits of this work: A collaborative magazine showcasing our members’ 4C heroes committed to Conservation, Community, and Culture on the ground.


The magazine was created by Nairobi-based creatives Joe Wahome and Brian Siambi who travelled to Cottar’s 1920s Camp, Borana Lodge, Lengishu, House in the Wild, Sasaab, Kicheche, and Segera to gather interviews and photos. The magazine was sub-edited by Ianthe Butt and Holly Tuppen, with support from Segera.


Stories celebrated include developing community infrastructure with Hudson Saigilu, Coordinator of the Kicheche Community Trust, facilitating coexistence with Dr. Rebekkah Karimi, Enonkishu Conservancy Manager, and supporting the health and well-being of Borana’s landscape with Pauline Kauwak. Other topics include an all-female ranger unit, making Samburu safer for girls, uplifting culture via sound recordings and beading, and relentless conservation efforts.


Take a look at the magazine HERE. If you would like to order a print copy or speak with the makers of the magazine, please get in touch with Holly [email protected].

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