Meet our Members: Half-Earth Project

The Half-Earth Project was welcomed into the Long Run community in 2020 to drive research and collective action to combat the biodiversity crisis.


Caring for the environment and human health calls for the best of our science and ingenuity, along with a strong sense of compassion and moral compass. With science at its core, the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s Half-Earth Project is providing the foundation for a revolutionary movement culture of action, and leading significant scientific innovation regarding the most effective path forward for protection of endangered species and endangered ecosystems.


Its research and education initiatives are cornerstones for a new way of understanding the beautiful intricacy of our planet and how we can best steward its enduring stability. Here, we speak with Paula J. Ehrlich, the President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, where she oversees the Foundation’s broad activities to foster a knowing stewardship of our world through research and education initiatives that promote and inform worldwide protection of biodiversity. Dr. Ehrlich leads the Half-Earth Project, which is driving the research needed to better understand and care for our world, providing leadership to guide conservation efforts, and engaging people to participate broadly in the goal to conserve half the Earth and protect the bulk of biodiversity.


What motivated you to join The Long Run?


The Long Run provides a unique voice in support of the goal of Half-Earth as a pillar Community for a Half-Earth Future, and also as a community that creates Places for a Half-Earth Future. The Long Run is a Community for a Half-Earth Future that helps people not only understand why a place is special and why it should be conserved, but why it’s an important part of their lives and how they can participate in being part of its protection.

Fellow Member Samara. Long Run members collectively protect over 23.5 million acres of ecosystems.

How are the 4Cs already embedded in your project? 


The 4C’s (Conservation, Community, Commerce and Culture) are core to the premise and promise of Half-Earth. As showcased at Half-Earth Day this year, sustainable business and tourism that supports communities and conservation can and should be part of the Half-Earth solution. By working together with The Long Run as a Community for a Half-Earth Future we aim to both showcase and provide a home for the 4C ideals within the Half-Earth Project and as a model for others.


What are you most proud of?


We are proud of the way that this partnership provides an enduring pillar for growth and outreach to broad and diverse communities around the globe as we reach more and more places empowered by our mutual ambitions for sustainable conservation.


At The Long Run, we help businesses and organisations embed long-term thinking into everything they do. What is your biggest hope for the future of your project?


Our hope is that members of The Long Run will deepen their participation by becoming Places for a Half-Earth Future, in recognition of their diverse conservation efforts and to affiliate their activities as a contribution to the goal of Half-Earth. Places for a Half-Earth Future include both areas that are being managed for conservation as well as those that are pursuing scientific activities that contribute to the management of those areas.


What do you look forward to most about being part of The Long Run community?


We look forward to empowering The Long Run community with research and information that informs their collective conservation actions and supports expansion of their conservation efforts. In particular, we look forward to collaborating to help capture the biodiversity value of The Long Run members’ conservation efforts.


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