Members of The Long Run Safeguard Global Landscapes Greater than the size of Switzerland

Today we release our 2017 Annual Report. It highlights the work being done around the world by nature-based tourism businesses (our members) to protect the planet’s biodiversity amid ever-increasing threats.


Last year our members helped protect more than 13 million acres of some of the world’s most ecologically important areas. This includes biodiverse havens and prestigious travel destinations such as; Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, a unique lodge located among the fynbos of South Africa’s largest floral kingdom; Segera, a 50,000-acre retreat of pristine wilderness in Northern Kenya; and Caiman Ecological Refuge, Brazil’s first eco-lodge located in the Pantanal, one of the world’s most important wetlands.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, South Africa, GER® Member of The Long Run

The 13 million-acre area that our members together protect is larger than the land mass of not only Switzerland (10 million acres) but almost as large as the combined size of Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


As we unite nature-based tourism businesses in achieving the most rigorous sustainability standards, we are pleased to see that our members collectively protect 30,000 wildlife species at a time when biodiversity is increasingly under threat.

In 2017, our collective membership continued to achieve important milestones.

Our members also invested over $10 million in conservation and local communities. Collectively, they have a positive impact on the lives of over 500,000 people, many of whom are indigenous inhabitants of Long Run members’ landscapes and among the planet’s most marginalized populations.


Our vision is that of a world in which business, nature and people are harmoniously working together for a sustainable future. Jochen Zeitz, our founder, believes that “The Long Run is extraordinary in that it provides a unique way to manage land and water holistically — integrating a robust financial model to sustain positive impacts for the long-term.”


Mr Zeitz continued: “No other organisation proposes a win-win solution founded on systemic change, and therefore, The Long Run is in a strong position to make a difference to the conservation of ecosystems around the world, as well as to the communities and cultures that rely on these landscapes.”

The Long Run members represent a wide diversity of leading conservation efforts from around the world.

The 2017 Annual Report blends statistics and graphics, along with breathtaking photographs of our member destinations. Our members manage unique places, in beautiful, often threatened wilderness areas. What sets them apart is the depth of experiences they provide because of the passion and purpose they share. Beyond financial profit, they strive to protect nature for the future and improve the lives of people, using their business to do so. We firmly believe that business has the power to help solve some of the biggest environmental and social challenges the world faces today.


Read the full version of our 2017 Annual Report here:

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