Protecting nature is the job of the global community and not just nature-based tourism businesses. That is why here at The Long Run we engage a wider community from across the world to work with us to help reach our goal to protect 20 million acres of nature and positively impact 2 million people by 2020 and to ensure the longevity of our organisation to support, connect and inspire our members beyond 2020.

We aim to protect 20 million acres of nature and positively impact 2 million people by 2020.



We are very thankful to all our partners below who help us to expand the positive impact of our community on nature and people, increase the uptake of best practices, and inspire others to join this global movement for change.

Culsans offer fully structured 8-week adventure itineraries to Kenya. The itineraries engage participants in essential and successful conservation projects in remote destinations. The long-term aim is to create future conservation ambassadors within the next generation. Participants will be open to new cultures and environments while investigating the world around them, inspiring their senses and immersing themselves in a life that is beyond their imagination. The education offered is unrivalled. Culsans works with pioneering and world renown conservancies with the finest experienced and charismatic professionals. Quality time is spent of each of the 4Cs, ensuring students receive a full and balanced 360-degree viewpoint.

NOW engages, informs and empowers the biggest generation of travellers and influencers to make smarter choices, promotes values and sustainable travel experiences, and provides direct bookings. This is the newest and boldest direct booking platform focused on sustainability that uses innovative now track & book technology to empower its audience to make good travel choices. The aim is to change attitudes and behaviours within the travel industry by raising the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability with no greenwash allowed.