A Slice of Bergplaas’ Spirit of the Wild

Bergplaas’ Spirit of the Wild programme is a one-to-three-week wildlife, guiding and leadership experience that awakens each participant’s pathways of knowledge, belonging and purpose. It is a personal and leadership skills development journey that reconnects people from all backgrounds with the natural environment.


We recently received this email from Cindy Maspero, who lives on and manages Bergplaas, and we thought it was too beautiful not to share. So here it is, a slice of the Spirit of the Wild magic that might help ease lockdown:


“Empathy and love to everyone – especially those who are feeling afraid, lonely and lost.


It’s interesting to look at the language that is being used at this time of the virus – lockdown and isolation. It maybe helpful to look at these terms in another way.  Instead of being in isolation we have the opportunity to have quiet time; what a gift to have the time to self-reflect, to look at the bigger picture and to realize how everything is inter-connected.


Rather than lock down, perhaps we are being grounded or rooted. Being grounded is so helpful in times of uncertainty for it is a great stress reliever, helps one feel supported, balanced and calm, improves sleep and immunity.


Stand with your bare feet on the ground and imagine yourself as a large, majestic tree.  Really get a sense of being a tree – with beautiful roots growing from the soles of your feet into Earth – let them explore and grow as deep and wide as possible. Let the energy of Earth fill you with support, calmness and deep peace. See your branches stretching high up towards Sun. A tree is seen as the archetype of a bridge between Heaven and Earth. A powerful experience to do each day, come rain or shine, virus or no virus.”

Spirit in the Wild programme at Berplass Nature Reserve.
Spirit in the Wild programme at Berplass Nature Reserve.

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