Sustainability Reporting for Tourism and Hospitality

Reporting the impact that an organisation has on its stakeholders is an essential part of its transparency and accountability. Yet reporting has often been described as complex and costly, when instead the level of intensity of these reports needs to be proportional to the size and impact of the organization.


The Long Run will help deliver a FREE workshop on 15th June 9 – 11 am CET, delivered by One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to support the green recovery of tourism, to solve this problem. Participants will learn about the key reporting frameworks, the meaning and examples of how businesses can integrate Sustainable Development Goal considerations into their reporting and communication, how they can better report on key environmental, social and governance indicators.


In this session, participants will learn how to:


  • Analyse the sustainability reports of competitors
  • Determine reporting needs
  • Identify and engage stakeholders to determine  material impacts
  • Write a sustainability report that responds to  stakeholder expectations
  • Use a sustainability report as a management tool


The workshop will help businesses learn how to understand the practice and benefits of reporting sustainability activities and performance including how reporting is part of good governance, how reporting occurs in many ways depending on the size of the tourism business, the expectations of the stakeholders, the resources available, and the level of commitment towards sustainability.


The session will run through:


  • What is a sustainability report, and why should a company prepare one
  • What are the current sustainability reporting frameworks available in tourism
  • What are the commonly reported sustainability practices
  • What are the 50 largest hotel groups in the world reporting on waste
  • How does reporting differ between large and small businesses


The session will be moderated by Dr Xavier Font, Professor of Sustainable Marketing at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Xavier regularly consults with the UNWTO, UNEP and the European Commission, national tourist boards and large corporations. His most recent consultancy role was to conduct the stakeholder consultation for the Transition Pathway of the European Commission. He is currently the principal investigator for the University of Surrey for the 23 million euro Interreg Experience project to develop sustainable off-season tourism experiences.


The Long Run’s Technical Assistance Advisor, Dr Anne-Kathrin Zschiegnerwill talk through The Long Run’s approach to reporting and how it has helped our members to overcome barriers and excel in transparency. A topic very dear to our heart!


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