That’s a wrap 2021; Roll on even more positive impact in 2022

Thank you so much for all your support this year. We’re delighted to see our movement grow despite another troubling year for the travel industry. Most importantly, our members’ critical conservation and community work has gone from strength to strength despite reduced funds — a testimony to their commitment to long-term planning and resilience. Have a read of our new brochure to find out what they’ve been up to.


After COP26 and another year of harrowing climate crisis developments, our mission to promote biodiversity protection and regeneration within the travel industry and beyond is clearer than ever.


We have high hopes for next year with several key initiatives and events in the pipeline:


  • A Travel Partner (tour operator) 4C Screening Tool.
  • The Long Run Impact Bill to demonstrate our members’ financial contribution to 4C projects.
  • Mapping Long Run member species and ecosystems with Half-Earth.
  • Assessment of the carbon value of the ecosystems our members protect.
  • The first Long Run press trip collaboration.
  • Hopefully, an in-person annual meeting.
  • We also have several exciting new members in the pipeline.


It promises to be another busy year!

Below are some of our collective impacts worth taking a moment to celebrate.


Conservation: Our members collectively…


  • Conserve and regenerate 23.5 million acres of nature.
  • Protect over 400 endangered plant and animal species.
  • 82% of members create wildlife corridors or increased habitat connectivity.
  • 69% of members create buffer zones for a National Park System, Biosphere Reserved and/or World Heritage Site through its protected area.


Community: Our members collectively…


  • Improve the lives of more than 750,000 people.
  • Directly impact 195,000 people.
  • 67% of members support other tourism businesses and neighbouring landowners to adopt sustainable management.
  • Employ 3,400 people.
  • 90% of lower skilled employees are paid above minimum wage.
  • Over 90% of employees are from the same country as the property.
  • Over 69% of employees are from the closest local community.


Culture: Our members collectively…


  • Support 158 cultures.
  • Over 64% of members help support, enhance, revive cultural activities and knowledge in communities.
  • Over 70% of members sensitively integrate cultural learning into guest experiences.


Commerce: Our members collectively…


  • Invest more than 18 million USD in the Conservation of biodiversity, Community well-being, and Cultural stewardship.


The Long Run and Preferred by Nature teams would like to wish you a restful and regenerating end-of-year celebrations.


Festive greetings and happy new year!

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