The Long Run welcomes Arkaba Conservancy in Australia

Arkaba’s beautifully restored 1850’s homestead, welcoming just ten guests at a time, is surrounded by 60,000 acres of privately-owned and carefully protected outback. Amid the Flinders Ranges, a five-hour drive from Adelaide, the unusual blend of semi-arid and temperate habitats supports 1,200 species of plants, including bullock bush and narrow-leafed emu bush, and nearly 300 species of birds. It will be no surprise to hear that ‘Arkaba’ in the local dialect means ‘land of abundance’.

‘Arkaba’ in the local indigenous dialect means land of abundance.

Against the dramatic backdrop of the Elders Range and Wilpena Pound, ancient sea beds and arid salt lakes have given way to spectacular rock formations, cypress pines and river red gums; this is an ancient landscape where kangaroo mobs, emus and colonies of yellow-footed rock wallaby roam free.

Environmental awareness and conservation are integral to the Wild Bush Luxury guest experience.

Besides the staggeringly beautiful surrounds, and unrivalled opportunity to experience one of Australia’s oldest landscapes, Arkaba already has plenty to shout about when it comes to the 4Cs. Over the last seven years, Arkaba has focused its energy on reversing the detrimental effect of livestock-grazing by welcoming back native species (24 of 58 local mammals have become extinct). Efforts include removing sheep stock, eradicating feral species like goats, foxes and cats (which can claim the lives of between four to 20 native creatures per night) and restoring vegetation, under the Native Vegetation Council’s Significant Environment Benefits Grant.

Many guests that stay here join the fantastic Arkaba Walk - a 4-day/3-night guided bush walk through Flinders Ranges

Wild Bush Luxury (operators at Arkaba) ensure that environmental awareness is integral to the guest experience. Guests to Arkaba can choose to stay in the homestead for a few days or join the fantastic Arkaba Walk (a 4-day/3-night guided bush walk through Flinders Ranges that concludes at the Arkaba homestead). Safari walks might include feral cat tracking, trip cameras are sometimes set up during safari drives, and guests are invited to join biologists on land surveys and vegetation identification work. Commitment to a light footprint extends throughout the homestead’s operations — water is bottled onsite, energy consumption is reduced where possible, and cleaning materials are eco-certified.

Arkaba's Homestead

We’re delighted to welcome Arkaba as our newest Fellow Member and look forward to being part of their journey.

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