The Long Run welcomes Misool

Located in Indonesia’s remote Raja Ampat, Misool Private Marine Reserve protects 300,000 acres of the world’s most ecologically significant coral reefs — an area larger than all of New York City’s five boroughs combined. The reserve is home to the world’s most biodiverse reefs: oceanic manta rays visit underwater cleaning stations; sandy beaches are favoured nesting sites for hawksbill and green sea turtles; shallow lagoons are breeding places for blacktip reef sharks. In 2017, the reserve was awarded Mission Blue Hope Spot status, proving its critical importance to ocean health. In October 2018, the reserve was recognised with a Global Ocean Refuge Platinum Award (GLORES), which sets science-based standards for marine conservation and celebrates marine protected areas (MPAs) that achieve significant conservation results.


Tucked away on one of the reserve’s multiple islands is Misool Resort. This private island resort not only provides exclusive adventure holidays and transformative experiences among pristine nature but also helps to fund the conservation efforts of its sister non-profit organisation, Misool Foundation.

The Misool Private Marine Reserve is a protected area that consists of two No-Take Zones inside which all fishing and extractive practices are banned. The reserve was created in cooperation with the local landowners and designed to bring conservation benefits to the ecosystem while maintaining healthy fish stocks to support the future food security of the surrounding communities. When the No-Take Zone agreement was ratified in 2005, construction work began, and Misool resort opened in 2008. Three years later, the Misool Foundation was established to formalise conservation efforts. Today, 15 permanent rangers work with the local police force to protect the area from illegal fishing and poaching. The two organisations employ approximately 250 people and in 2017 Misool resort injected US$98,500 worth of wages into the local economy. In 2017, the team raised over US$85,000 through shareholder and guest donations.

Central to Misool’s mission is the concept that tourism enterprises can unite with coastal communities, non-profit organisations and government agencies to achieve long-term conservation results. Misool’s conservation awareness and education efforts are as much for the staff and local communities as for guests — creating an inspiring and passion-led ethos throughout the resort. With capacity for just 40 guests, Misool Resort was built entirely from reclaimed wood, cut on the island. Other sustainability and community initiatives include a newly-built solar farm, a community recycling program (that processes two tons of ocean-bound plastic each day), building a kindergarten in a local village and employing teachers for underserved areas and banning non-reef safe sunscreen.

We’re delighted to welcome Misool as a Fellow Member of The Long Run and look forward to being part of their journey.

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