The Long Run is a membership organisation of some of the world’s most sustainable nature-based travel destinations. Together, members help to conserve over 20-million-acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of over 750,000 people.

By joining or supporting our journey, you will become part of a community driving positive change for the health of the planet and the well-being of people.

Join as a Fellow Member

Fellow Members are travel destinations and lodges that own, manage or significantly influence areas of biodiversity. They are committed to a continuous journey of improvement towards excellence in sustainability and the 4Cs — Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.


Fellow Members receive onsite visits from The Long Run’s team of experts to brainstorm challenges and develop action plans. They also receive continuous remote support individually, and as part of our regular 4C Calls.


Each member works towards the prestigious and GSTC-recognised Global Ecosphere Retreats® (GER) standard and becomes a center of excellence. Clusters of accommodations owned by the same brand join as a Group Member .


By joining The Long Run you will be part of a unique community of leaders that
continuously learn from one and other, and have access to the organisation’s team of experts, to deliver exceptional experiences that have a positive impact on people and planet.


Individual Fellow Member contribution: One-off joining fee of £1,500 plus annual fee between £350 – £2,000 based on returns. View Brochure for more information.


Group Member: case by case basis. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Join as a Travel Partner

Travel Partners are tour operators, agents, travel designers and any business selling travel that actively aligns itself with The Long Run’s community and commitment to the 4Cs — Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.


Travel partners gain access to our experts, members, events and network, and can tap into a menu of ‘pay as you go’ services for those wanting further dedicated technical and strategic support. In return, partners support and promote the work of The Long Run and Fellow and GER® Members.


By partnering with The Long Run, you will be part of a community of like-minded people guiding the tourism industry towards a more sustainable future.


Travel Partner contribution: Joining fee of £500 per year plus bed night fees agreed on case by case basis. View Brochure for more information.

Become an Affiliate

Affiliates are highly regarded, expert non-profits, academics, institutions and media platforms that align closely with our ethos and help The Long Run to collaborate, inspire and promote its mission.


They are ambassadors of The Long Run and the 4Cs approach and provide vital in-kind support to assist our vision and mission.


Affiliate contribution: Minimum annual contribution of 200 GBP and/or in kind support on a case by case basis. View Brochure for more information.

Join The Long Run Patron Circle


We believe that collaboration will drive change at scale and that tourism can help address some of today’s global challenges.


To do this, as a non-profit, we rely on the generous support of individuals in our Patron Circle. By committing to a donation for three years, patrons actively contribute to the conservation of over 20-million-acres of ecosystems and protecting the lives of 750,000 people.


Patrons also get the opportunity to interact with inspiring leaders and visit unique places.


Patron Contribution: Minimum donation of £10,000 per year for three years.


Donate To The Long Run


Our world faces unprecedented social and environmental challenges. No one actor can address these single-handed, but travel businesses can help to reverse some of these trends. The Long Run is a global community of like-minded, passionate, innovative people who are committed to conserving nature and improving the lives of people.


As a not-for-profit organisation, The Long Run relies on donations from a variety of supporters from individuals making a one-off donation, regular sponsors looking to join the community, or businesses donating a % of annual profits.


Spread The Word


The Long Run members are some of the world’s most inspiring and aspirational travel destinations. Each is committed to using tourism as a force for good via the 4Cs — Community, Conservation, Culture and Commerce.


The responsible travel agenda is more urgent than ever, so please help to shine a light on the heroes and spread the word about travel that has a positive impact.


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Should you wish to express interest in joining us as a Fellow Member, Travel Partner, Affiliate Member, or Patron, or have any further queries, then please send an email to [email protected].