The Long Run is the world’s largest sustainable development initiative led 
by nature based tourism businesses, aspiring to conserve 20 million acres of biodiversity and improve the life of two million people by 2020. By joining or supporting this movement, you will become part of a unique community of leaders whose successful businesses drive positive change for the health of the planet and well-being of people.

Join the Movement

As a nature-based tourism business, your organisation can join as a Fellow Member and initiate your journey towards excelling in sustainability and aspiring to become a Global Ecosphere Retreat®. If your business is not nature-based, you also have the opportunity to collaborate with our destination members (as well as inspire and promote these businesses) by joining as an Affiliate Member.
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Stay with Us

We believe that the best holidays should create life long impacts on you and not to the earth. Our members are pioneers in sustainability. They exchange and learn from each other to continuously expand their positive impacts on nature and people. By staying at a Long Run destination, your stay will be directly improving livelihoods, cultural preservation and environmental conservation of our planet.

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Support Us

Different opportunities exist for you to support The Long Run to strengthen our capacity to help members in their journey towards excellence in sustainability as well as encourage others to join the movement. These start from becoming a Friend of The Long Run to being a Board Member for those who want to help set the future direction of the organisation.

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Safeguarding over 12 million acres of land.


Touching the lives of over 520,000 people.


Celebrating 86 cultures.


Investing over $10 million in Conservation, Community & Culture.